Выборы президента России 2018

Выборы президента РФ 2018

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How cheap to rent an apartment for the FIFA 2018 in Russia

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Новости о выборах президента 2018

While the countries participating in the twenty-first football world Cup are sharing the latest news (including information about the preliminary teams), the fans are taking care of their stay in the cities of Russia, chosen for the matches. Those wishing to visit the tournament in advance are looking for cheap accommodation for the period of the games FIFA 2018, booking hotels or resorting to other methods of housing search.

I must say, a significant proportion of those who expressed a desire to buy tickets and attend the world Cup matches (first held by Russia) are foreign citizens. According to various data, their number will be from 500 thousand to 1.5 million people.

For an" ordinary " foreigner to rent an apartment for the world Cup in our country is a very difficult task. By tradition (however, this applies not only to Russia), given the importance of the event, the prices for accommodation in the cities hosting the game tournaments, grow up to 10 times. No exception and rental housing for the FIFA 2018 championship, which hit the prices even experienced travelers. As the tourists themselves note, the positive side is the possibility of free movement to the places of matches with a fan passport.

Russian football fans share their tricks to save money and not to go bankrupt on renting a living space. Thus, the average price of apartments in Yekaterinburg for the period of the games-about 500$ for 1 day. And although with a great desire and due perseverance, you can find such options in the city (good places at affordable prices very quickly occupy), cheap hotels in Yekaterinburg with the desired comfort – still a rarity. Often, the reservation of seats in the cities-organizers canceled (to "fill" his product price). The best option in this situation, an experienced Russian fan sees the search for housing near the city. Popular and proven cheap apartments in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg are located, for example, in the cities of Revda and Pervouralsk. Having a lot of positive feedback and excellent value for money, such housing options are more attractive for both Russians and foreigners. The ability to find a comfortable place from 15$, as well as free transport at times will save the cost of traveling fans and add good impressions to the trip. The most popular resource that allows you to find accommodation for the Championship, is the site www.booking.com, where 43 languages are available to choose from. The portal is not inferior in its popularity www.airbnb.ru.

Returning to the topic of the fan passport, it is worth saying that this is a mandatory document for anyone who plans to visit the stadium. Purchasing one ticket is not enough. This measure was introduced to enhance security during football matches.


This passport gives special advantages. In addition to the possibility of free travel to the Championship venue (both on special transport and on any public transport subject to the presentation of a passport along with a ticket), Aeroflot has organized a special event, under the terms of which any fan will be able to fly from one city-participant of FIFA 2018 to another for only 5 rubles. But, alas, the action is designed only for Russian citizens.

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